Wanting Vs. Needing

Dan Sullivan always inspires thought at his 10x Strategic Coach workshops, and this one was no different!

Mazlow’s Hierarchy of Needs suggests that people seek to satisfy their needs in an order – by first of all meeting their ‘Physiological’ requirements such as food, water and sleep; and then move onto ‘Safety’, ‘Belonging’, ‘Esteem’ and finally ‘Self-actualisation’.

In other words, we are where we are (i.e. we are ‘here’) and striving to achieve something else (i.e. trying to get ‘there’). The motivation for this comes from the external. However, Dan suggested that we are all ‘there’ already. In other words, we have all by and large satisfied our needs and can now focus on what we want.

The motivation for what we want comes from within; it’s an internal motivation instead of an external motivation.

The thought then moves onto the question of, “what do I want?”

The answer is that we want FREEDOM – and according to Dan, there are four freedoms:

  • Freedom of TIME
  • Freedom of MONEY
  • Freedom of RELATIONSHIPS
  • Freedom of PURPOSE

If you accept that you are already ‘there’ then instead of striving for something, your focus becomes expanding the fours freedoms. Happiness is not conditional upon attaining something; it is a state that you adopt.

The things that I learned about creating a bigger future are:

  1. Always make your ambition larger than your current capability – continually push the boundaries and you’ll learn new skills and create the capability necessary to realise your ambitions.
  2. Focus on the future – make a decision that your future is always going to be more important to you than your past.
  3. Always seek to make a contribution – pay attention to the value that you’re creating for others by the contribution you make and attach less importance to the rewards.
  4. Always be learning – be open to new knowledge, new skills and new habits.
  5. Outperform yourself – future based people know that past achievements are there to be surpassed and not dwelled upon for too long.
  6. Be increasingly grateful – unlike those that become arrogant about their successes, people with an ever-expanding future are always grateful for progress. It’s almost as if you don’t deserve more until you’re grateful for what you’ve already got!
  7. Increasingly enjoy yourself – this is the fuel for growth.
  8. Confidence always grows – seek out new risks and challenges. Overcome and grow in confidence, it’s a decision.

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