Be Ready to Recover

Although the loss of business critical data is costing UK businesses millions of pounds each year, recent reports suggest that a considerable number of organisations are not taking the preventative steps to protect their information assuming it will never happen to them.

As a result, they’re putting themselves at significant risk.

The financial implications are huge, and 80% of businesses that suffer major data loss close within 18 months.

Your business operations can be disrupted by a number of unpredictable incidents from a power cut to a computer virus, or even human error.

Making sure you have a data recovery plan in place can make a massive difference in the amount of downtime your business could suffer.

A disaster recovery system is one of the most important investments a business can make, but many don’t realise they need it until it’s too late.

Server downtime for instance will strike all businesses in some form, and it can not only have damaging financial implications, it could also impact its reputation and stakeholders too.

Many small companies assume they can’t afford critical data protection and server recovery, but it really should be a question of whether they can afford not to have it. Even larger organisations with some form of disaster recovery are losing data because their systems aren’t saved in real-time and backed-up automatically.

45% of businesses suffered from server downtime last year, and with most businesses affected by data loss of some sort during their trading life, it may not be a case of if, but when.

Whether your Disaster Recovery needs refreshing or you are looking at Disaster Recovery for the first time, it is an important factor which you should be implementing into your business.

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