National Saving and Investments – Is it really worth it?

Last year, founder Martin Lewis published an article regarding National Savings and Investments Premium Bonds. It seems as thougeggs-1572853-1280x960h Martin is not a great advocate of them having used “exclusive statistical analysis to interrogate whether premium bonds are worth it”.

The truth of the matter is that people do not take out Premium Bonds because the odds are in their favour, but simply because there is a chance of a life changing opportunity every month and it’s a safe, tax-free way of investing your money.

(NS&I) Premium bonds are unique in that they never reach maturity. Instead, each £1 bond has a small chance each month of winning a tax-free prize, varying from £25 to £1 million, if the number is selected.

Neither the bonds themselves nor the prizes ever expire. In theory you could still win prizes with bonds you purchased in 1956 when the scheme began 60 years ago. So say you did have a bond that you had held from 1956, each bond would have been entered into the draw 720 times.

As from August 2014, two lucky people are drawn every month for the £1 million jackpot prize. Each month since Matrix Capital were awarded the NS&I contract back in May 2014 we have had the wonderful opportunity to meet the lovely people that beat the odds and experience just how the NS&I bond has changed their lives. From a grandparent gifting their winnings to their family, to a young couple raising a young family, we’ve seen that NS&I changes a lot of lives.

No matter the outcome, NS&I present a chance for a more financially secure future for families all across the UK. Every month over 1,500 people win between £1,000 and £1 million, that’s nearly 19,000 winners each year.

To make things even better, should you win the Jackpot, that £1 million is completely tax free!

Regardless of the numbers and statistics, seeing first-hand the impact that these bonds can make on people’s lives we have to disagree with Martin Lewis, NS&I Bonds are most certainly still worth it!

See the long list of the April NS&I winners at:



The Matrix Capital Team visiting the NS&I Random number generator ERNIE in 2014.

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