About Us

Our small team of highly qualified professionals that make up Matrix Capital are able to provide a high quality, personalised service which is entirely driven by your needs.


Our directors and staff are committed to continuous professional development and we make full use of Kolbe A™ Index assessments to ensure that our roles within the business match our unique capabilities.

… and we also believe that financial planning is both an art and a science

And what about you?

We are keen to work with clients that are keen to work with us and who:

  • Fully utilise our capabilities and our unique abilities as individuals and as a collective team.
  • Appreciate and value what we do; we want to nurture relationships that are fulfilling and enjoyable.
  • Enhance our unique abilities by challenging us to expand our capabilities whilst allowing us to establish new ways of creating value within what we do. We find this both exciting and satisfying.
  • Are willing to refer us to other potential clients and opportunities. We recognise that having clients that say great things about us is one of the most effective ways to establish new relationships and build on existing ones.
  • Create financial reward that is commensurate with the value that we are creating. This allows us to expand our capabilities.