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Proud To Be Supporting Ladies Fighting Breast Cancer

Veronica Kumeta, Co-Founder & Chairman of Trustee's

Veronica Kumeta, Co-Founder & Chairman of Trustee’s

Ladies Fighting Breast Cancer (LFBC) is a voluntary group of ladies who donate their time and services to raise funds and awareness of Breast Cancer in the West Midlands.

We first came across LFBC at the Lord Digby Jones event, ‘Doing it in a different way’, earlier this year. Digby is the Honorary Patron of the charity.

At the event, they talked a bit about what they had been doing, what they plan to do and just how important it is that we support this cause.

Every penny they raise in fact stays in the Midlands and, believing that it is essential to have a centre of excellence, they have supported the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Breast Cancer Centre for the last 13 years.

We were so impressed with the energy and enthusiasm behind the charity, with ambitions to bring the most advanced cancer treatments to Birmingham, we knew we must get involved and encourage your support too…

How common is Breast Cancer?

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A Bite-size 2013 Autumn Statement

Yesterday Morning George Osborne delivered the Autumn statement. Will it make much difference to your finances? What are the important bits you need to know?

There is an array of literature out already, much that will take too long to read over a coffee break; so this blog will summarise yesterday’s announcements into something a bit more digestible:

–   ‘The Basic State Pension will increase from April 2014 by £2.95 a week’.

Great, but do you have enough National Insurance Contribution years? Don’t fret, we covered this in our last blog:

–  The State Pension Age will increase to 68 by mid 2030 and 69 by late 2040.

– Are you a commuter? Or even just enjoy a long drive at the weekend; You will be pleased to know that the proposed 2p per litre rise in motor fuel duty next year has been scrapped.  Train price increases have been capped too.

–  From April 2015 non-UK residents selling property for profit will have to pay capital gains tax, richer people who own a home coveted by overseas buyers may then find it more difficult to sell.

–  Two new lenders join the Help to Buy Scheme. Will this offer much Diversity? Still so many housing issues than need addressing.

– The Chancellor announced tax relief on investment in Social Enterprises.

– As expected, Personal Allowances for those younger than 65 increases to £10,000 during 2014/2015.

– From April 2015 a transferrable £1,000 Married Couples Tax Allowance will become available; the move could help you pocket an extra £200 a year.

– Five measures to help tackle tax avoidance from 5 December: Changes to the debt cap provisions, Profit shifting and controlled foreign companies, partnerships with mixed memberships, avoidance schemes using total return swaps, double taxation relief avoidance schemes.

– The higher rate (40%) tax threshold will increase by £415 to £41,865.

– Pensioners who reach State Pension age before the 6th April 2016 will have the opportunity for their Pension entitlement to be topped up thanks to the ability for them to pay a new class of Voluntary National Insurance Contribution (‘NIC’).

Any news missed while watching it? Well Blockbuster announced it will be closing down by the end of the year because no one wants to buy it. The cryptocurrency Bitcoin plummeted 30%, and EasyJet snuck out its annual report half-way through Osbourne’s statement showing Carolyn Mcchall earned a tidy £6.435m this year. A payrise from £3.7m last year, she must be doing something right!

 Hope that has given you an outline of the highlights. I’ll bet your coffee is still warm too!



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