Chartered Financial Planners

“Always do right. This will gratify some people and astonish the rest.” – Mark Twain.

Matrix Capital Limited was awarded Chartered Financial Planner status by the Personal Finance Society (PFS) in February 2008; and has also received many industry awards over the years.

Some of the awards include “Bankhall Small IFA of the Year” for 2010 and “Bankhall Commitment to the Profession” in 2009 and 2011.

The team includes two of the highest qualified financial consultants in the UK – Robin Melley and Gary Matthews. Both are Chartered Financial Planners and have also achieved Fellowship of the PFS.

So, what is a Chartered Financial Planner and what does that mean to our clients?

Chartered Financial Planner status is the profession’s gold standard for financial planners and financial consultants. It confirms that every Chartered Financial Planner has completed a suite of professional qualifications equivalent to a bachelor’s degree.

All Chartered Financial Planners adhere to a respected code of ethics. The Code exists to guide the profession and to protect the public.

All Chartered Financial Planners must have at least 5 years’ relevant professional experience and commit to continued professional development. This helps ensure that their knowledge is up to date with the latest legislation and technical developments, and that they act in accordance with current regulatory requirements.

You can trust financial consultants who are Chartered Financial Planners, like Chartered Accountants, Surveyors or Engineers, to be highly qualified, reputable and capable of providing you with quality advice with the utmost integrity.

You should therefore be confident that a Chartered Financial Planner can be relied upon to consider your personal circumstances and devise a plan to help you meet your needs, fulfil your aspirations and help provide you with a secure future.

What is The Personal Finance Society?

The Personal Finance Society is the leading professional body for financial advisers, financial consultants and those in related roles. With over 34,000 members, it encourages the highest standards of professionalism by setting standards for technical knowledge, ethical practice and professional developments.

The Personal Finance Society is uniquely placed, as a campaigning organisation to support consumer demands for trusted, professional advice. It also works with the regulator to help shape the environment within which advice is given.

The Personal finance Society is part of the Chartered Insurance Institute group (CII) the World’s leading provider of professional training, qualifications and leadership to the insurance and financial services professions.

Protecting your interests

The object of the Code of Ethics is to ensure that all financial consultants and Chartered Financial Planners act in the best interests of clients, of the PFS itself and the profession.

Members of the Personal Finance Society are required to earn and maintain the trust of clients at all times; always acting skilfully, carefully, diligently and lawfully.

So when it comes to meeting your financial needs, you can look forward to receiving appropriate advice, complete with the relevant information and documentation.

You have every right to expect that such advice will help protect your interests. Their advice will also be within the limits of their personal competencies and within the limits of the authorisation you’ve given.

Additionally, you can expect your Chartered Financial Planner/financial consultant to avoid any conflicts of interest – whether that’s between you and them or between you and another party – and rely upon advisers to step aside if such conflicts can’t be resolved.