How We Work

The Financial Empowerment Programme™

We know that every client is unique with their own set of circumstances and aspirations.

Our experience also indicates that the best personal service needs to be supported by the best back-of-house systems to ensure that we continue to exceed our clients’ expectations.

We have therefore invested heavily in leading edge software and quality assured technical support services so that our key advisors can spend more time working directly with clients. We do not follow the ‘rule of thumb’ and our approach removes guesswork and also creates precision within our advice.

We have also developed a unique holistic approach to financial planning, the Financial Empowerment Programme™. Its six linked stages allow clients to work out where they are now, what they may need in the future and how they may reach their goals and aspirations.

You will not be charged for or placed under obligation from your initial meeting. If appropriate, our initial meeting will be followed up with a written quotation setting out estimated fees to provide the advice and level of service required.

Once agreement is reached, 50% of our fees are paid at the outset with the remainder due upon completion of the first 5 stages of the Financial Empowerment Programme.

We begin by gaining a full understanding of each individual’s hopes and aspirations for the future and conduct a full appraisal of their financial situation. From this data, and based upon agreed assumptions, we are able to carry out detailed analysis to determine what actions need to be taken by you in order to achieve your objectives.

The results of our analysis are then embodied in a written report, which provides generic advice and the platform for making strategic decisions. This enables us to make specific recommendations and to implement your financial plans.

We meet on a regular basis to report on the performance of each element of your portfolio, to gather up-to-date information from you and to make adjustments to your financial plans.

The best results are achieved by working together so clients need to provide information within agreed timescales, provide updates on any changes to their circumstances and to settle fee accounts promptly.

In order for us to deliver a highly professional and personalised service, we work with a limited number of clients.