How We Are Paid

We offer a comprehensive financial planning service aimed at helping clients achieve and maintain their desired lifestyle.

An initial exploratory meeting at our offices is available without charge or obligation.

We appreciate that people have different needs and objectives. Whether we’re asked to assist a personal or a corporate client, we treat each in the manner we would expect to be treated ourselves – with professionalism, confidentiality and understanding.

Transparent charges

Traditionally financial planning advice has often been paid for by the adviser receiving a commission on transactions.

While this approach has served many individuals well, there is always the danger that advisers operating this way will be driven by the need to maximise their commission, rather than meet the particular needs of their client.

Paying by commission may be tempting, because it does not require the payment of a lump sum up front, but it can affect the long-term return on any investment as some of the funds are used to pay commission rather than being fully invested.

Committed to long-term partnerships

Additionally, once the initial transaction has been completed, there may be little incentive for the adviser to provide a continuing service unless an opportunity arises to gain further commission.

Our service is therefore based on an agreed annual fee, and any commissions generated will be offset against our fees.

Should we receive any initial or indemnity commission from a service provider, this will be passed on, either by reducing the product charges, enhancing the investment or simply by crediting the commission to your fee account.

This approach allows us to develop long-term relationships with clients where we continue to monitor the financial performance of their investments and review their needs in the light of changing circumstances.

We are proud of our compliance record which gives us the confidence to offer a no quibble satisfaction assurance to all clients.

We believe that financial planning is both an art and a science, and this approach has resulted in a growing portfolio of satisfied clients, whose personal recommendations continue to generate the majority of our new business.

Remember, good advice is never expensive and is always good value for money.