Our Core Values

We have developed ten ground rules that guide how we operate with you, our client and with each other within the team, and how we will deal with other people and how we expect people to behave with us.

  • Professionalism: – punctual, competent, ethical, dressed appropriately, helpful and approachable.
  • Courtesy: honest and respectful in all dealings with all people.
  • Integrity: we will do what we have agreed to do and if we can’t we will communicate and explain.
  • Positive:  a “can do attitude” and if we don’t know, we will find out.
  • High standards: expected of ourselves, clients, suppliers and technology.
  • Enjoyment and have fun: it’s not just about the money. We want a happy friendly working environment.
  • Continually improve capability: technical knowledge, competence and unique ability.
  • Creativity and innovation: getting results by thinking differently.
  • Results: we get results for clients and expect to be remunerated fairly.
  • Transparency: we will be curious and questioning because good planning starts with the truth.

These can all be distilled down into just four RULES, which are:

.    Show up on time

.    Do what you say you will do

.    Finish what you start

.    Say please and thank you

The bottom line is that these are the standards to which we hold ourselves and others.

Your commitment to us

The best results are achieved by working together. We would therefore ask you to:

  • Provide us with all of the information requested within the timescales agreed with you.
  • Keep us updated with any changes that occur to your circumstances as and when those changes occur.
  • Settle your fee account promptly.
  • After you have experienced our service, we would really appreciate you recommending us or providing a testimonial..

We greatly appreciate your trust and partnership, and look forward to a very satisfying and productive working relationship.