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At Retirement Decisions

Whether it is after a long career of building up a retirement fund, or an unexpected change of circumstances that acts as the catalyst, you may have reached the point of having to make choices about how you make the transition from funding your lifestyle from ‘earned’ income to funding it from ‘unearned’ income. 


Throughout your working or business life, you may have accumulated a number of pension schemes, investment and retirement funds, property investments or significant value in your business. 


There are a number of considerations that typically need to be thought through and reconciled. 


It is also vitally important for you to understand all of your options as you approach retirement, not least because some of the options available, if taken, cannot be reversed at a later date.  


There are tax considerations, including inheritance tax, income tax and capital gains tax. Also, fundamental questions need to be answered, such as what your income and capital requirements will be during retirement and therefore how much income will you need and when.  


People reaching the point of retirement are typically in a situation where children are now independent but may need help to perhaps get on the housing ladder. You may also have had the experience of witnessing elderly parents facing later life care issues and you are reminded of the fact that you may also be in your parents’ shoes in the future, or they indeed need your support during your retirement. 


We have a team of people with specialist retirement and pensions qualifications who can provide a safe pair of hands for you if you are either approaching retirement or at the point of retiring. 

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 Some scenarios we can help you with:

We have found that there are generally five big questions that people ask of themselves when thinking of appointing a professional financial planner...

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How can I help and support those closest to me?

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How can I live a better life now, while still providing for future?

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How can I prepare for the unexpected?

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How can I look after those who cannot care for themselves?

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How can I leave a legacy?

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