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Receiving a lump sum!

Key thoughts:

  • Understand the legal procedure, particularly if you will receive a portion of your former partner's pension.

  • Take a moment to step back and avoid making hasty or impulsive decisions.

  • Find a suitable and secure temporary residence for the settlement, relieving the pressure to make rapid choices.

  • Comprehend any limitations imposed on the settlement. For instance, if you have been granted a portion of your ex-spouse's pension, the funds are typically not accessible until you reach your fifties.

  • Grasp what you desire for your life in the short, medium, and long term. What are your objectives, aspirations, and ambitions?

  • Decide whether to repay debts, invest the funds, or consider a combination of both alternatives.

  • Understand how the money could be utilized to bring about positive changes in your life and the lives of those around you.

  • If appropriate, allocate a portion of your settlement towards investments that will help you achieve your future goals and aspirations.

  • Organize your personal affairs so that in the event of an unexpected passing, your finances are well-managed.

  • Ensure that in the unfortunate event of premature death, your loved ones will bear minimal tax burden, allowing them to fully enjoy the settlement.

How can I...

“The value of your investments can fall as well as rise and is not guaranteed”.

How we can help?

You may have received a financial compensation due to various circumstances, such as going through a divorce, winning a personal injury claim after an accident, or successfully pursuing a claim against a former employer.


While there could be other reasons as well, the journey to reaching this settlement was likely challenging. Now, with the lawyers paid and the funds secured, it is time to focus on the future and ensure that it is bright and secure.


Settlements that follow life-altering events often take months, or even years, to materialize. During this time, you may have processed the emotions associated with the event and are now ready to move forward.


This is where we step in, meticulously planning your financial future to help you make the most of your compensation.


Our recommendation is to take the time to consider your desires and financial capabilities. This should not be hurried, and we are here to assist you throughout this process.


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