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How can I help and support those closest to me?

Key thoughts:
  • Making gifts to my family members in a tax efficient manner

  • Avoiding possible difficulties of divorce and/or financial problems within my family

  • Not being generous to the extent that I jeopardise my own long-term financial position

  • Paying for education

  • Supporting an elderly parent

How we can help?

If you sit and ponder for any length of time, with the possible exception of your own health, most people would consider their relationships with their close family and friends to be the most valuable part of their lives.

It is therefore only natural for you to want to use the skills, knowledge and resources that you have acquired on your journey, to support your loved ones in building happy and successful lives. Anyone with children will understand the innate and deep desire to see your children and their families develop their own lives and achieve their potentials. There may also be periods during the lives of loved ones where things do not go to plan and being in a position to provide help and support, either emotionally, physically or financially, can be a wonderful feeling.

There are many examples where professional input from a Chartered Financial Planner, in creating a robust financial plan, has been able to provide a solid foundation; enabling clients to provide valuable help and support to their loved ones. Providing gifts or loans to family members to clear debt or to buy a home, paying for education or being able take time off to be with an elderly parent or a child to provide support through illness or relationship breakdowns are some of the areas where we have been able to help, through careful planning and professional advice.

Having access to someone who has a professional detachment and is able to view things objectively with you (and understands the associated technical issues) can be invaluable when making decisions to help others, particularly in emotionally charged situations

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