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How can I live a better life now, while still providing for future?

Updated: Apr 11

Key thoughts:

  • Becoming debt free

  • Having a cash reserve

  • Being able to live comfortably on unearned income

  • Being organised and feeling relaxed and in control

  • Enjoying the luxuries that life can offer

  • Being able to focus on the important things

How we can help?

People often have careers devoted to helping other people solve problems and lead better lives. We witness it with clients where they create fantastic outcomes for their clients and customers but do not allocate sufficient time to thinking about and planning their own financial futures.

We have a process that encourages clients to step outside of their day-to-day activity, at least once a year, to think about their own circumstances; what’s concerning them and to focus on the aspirations they have for themselves and their family for the short, medium and longer term.

Generically, it is known as ‘financial planning’ which incidentally differs from ‘financial advice.’ The process is known as The Financial Empowerment Programme™, which starts with the absolute basics of considering what it is that you want to achieve; identifying any risks and articulating any specific goals that you have. You can read more about the approach we take, but there are a number of very basic things that we will encourage a client to consider. These include having a budget and ensuring that your income exceeds your expenditure, having a plan to become free of debt and having a cash reserve.

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