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Karen Melley

Head Chocolate Chip Cookie Maker

Kolbe A™ Index number is 6383.

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Perfect Saturday Afternoon: Spending time with Robin and going with the flow.

Karen Melley

Personal Motto: Thought becomes; you create your life with the thoughts you think.

Karen grew up in Portland, Oregon and also lived in Arizona before moving to the UK in 2006 after a successful career in senior sales and marketing management, spanning 19 years with a prominent food broker in the USA.

Karen is well travelled and has also spent some time working as a travel agent. She is very people orientated and throughout her career developed a wealth of experience in managing teams, communicating effectively and achieving results through people.

At Matrix Capital, Karen plays a key role in ensuring client experience and service is of excellent standards… one way is through the increasingly famous chocolate chip cookies that she bakes fresh for all client meetings!

Karen holds a variety of qualifications around subjects of business administration, sales, marketing and operations management; and also training in the USA and Australia to become a Master Practitioner and Certified Trainer in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Timeline Therapy and Hypnotherapy. She also studied at Southwest Institute of Healing Arts in Phoenix, Arizona, USA.

Karen has fully settled into life in the UK, passionate about its countryside and is an active committee member of Morville Countryside Club.

The middle of three sisters with one niece and three nephews, and a great aunt of two – in her spare time, Karen enjoys spending it with family – including her cats, Haggis and Tiger! Additional interests include swimming, cooking, singing, meditation and travel.

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Fellow of The London Institute of Banking & Finance
STEP Financial Advisor Team of the year
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