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Updated: Apr 11

Robin, who has received many prestigious accolades during his career, and is the only Chartered Financial Planner in the UK to have been twice awarded the Chartered Financial Planner of the Year Award by the Personal Finance Society, has now been awarded a Fellowship of The London Institute of Banking and Finance, which is a mark of senior professional status in the banking and finance sector.

Fellowship is only awarded to certain professionals who meet strict criteria including having at least 20 years of relevant banking or regulated financial advice experience, with at least five of these years at a senior level. They must also be able to demonstrate and provide evidence of how you have contributed towards the goals of The London Institute of Banking and Finance and/or supported the development of professionalism and professional education in the banking and finance sector. This service is expected to be freely given and pro-bono, over and above their full-time job.

Robin has been selected because he has, over decades, made a significant contribution nationally in helping to build public confidence and trust in the financial planning and advice professions. This has included giving many talks, presentations, interviews and writing numerous articles and good practice guides, which he has made freely available to both fellow members of the profession and the consumer. He has also delivered numerous technical sessions and has worked hard to raise awareness of financial services as a career choice among young people; mentored and coached many new entrants to the profession to develop their technical capability.

Robin’s passion is to provide a safe pair of hands for people who find themselves in vulnerable circumstances. Perhaps one of his most notable pro bono achievements has been as one of the co-founders of the national Financial Vulnerability Taskforce, which has since evolved into the Consumer Duty Alliance, which is a not-for-profit community interest company, aimed at promoting good practice, providing quality information and guidance in supporting the profession in achieving good outcomes for members of the public.

Robin was both humbled and very proud of receiving the fellowship and will continue his good work in the personal finance sector.

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